Hello, my name is Peruvian Bull, and I’ve been an avid monetary economics researcher, writer, and podcast host for the last 6 years. I currently work as a Valuation Analyst at a private equity fintech company. Through my research, I have made some frightening conclusions about the future of money and the complex financial system we base our very lives on.

The global monetary system is at a crossroads. After decades of zero bound interest rates and Quantitative Easing, debt levels domestically and worldwide have reached critical levels. As the money printing bonanza of 2020 comes home to roost, dark feedback loops lurk under the waters of our economy, foreboding of a future of extreme inflation and financial devastation. The Ships of State, unmoored from the tethers of hard money and taxation, have wandered into a debt-fueled maelstrom that threatens to destroy the very currencies we base our lives on. We are now entering a place from which few fiat monies have ever returned from alive. 

The Federal Reserve, the hegemon that runs the Dollar-based global monetary system, is trapped in a black hole of it’s own design. They believe they can save themselves, and the system. The terrifying truth is that we are not close to the event horizon- we’re already past it. Only hard choices lie ahead. 

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