Peruvian Bull

Peruvian Bull is a Peruvian-American scholar, researcher, and educator hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Seattle, he attended a local university where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Finance,  Economics,  and Entrepreneurship. He has studied also in South America and plans to complete a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics.  He currently works at a private equity fintech firm as an analyst and advisor for financial services.

Tsukahara, DFA

Tsukahara is a graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in Finance and Macroeconomics. He currently works as a Capital Markets Analyst at a DeFi Stablecoin firm, providing insight into stablecoin and crypto market trends to retail and institutional investors. He assists primarily in the research and writing of crypto topics. He has experience coding Python and Javascript, and is assisting in the creation of the Net Liquidity Dashboards (coming soon).


Anansi is a Ghanian-American researcher and analyst. A graduate of an Ivy League university with degrees in Applied Economics and Management, he is currently working as a Lead Data Analyst at a Web3 firm.  He is a featured guest and occasional co-host of the Dollar Endgame Podcast.


Mario is a senior staff software engineer at a leading fintech firm based out of California. He has a breadth of experience orchestrating cloud infrastructure, scaling distributed systems, and shipping cloud-native applications. His passion lies in building highly resilient distributed infrastructure with Kubernetes on bare-metal and public cloud providers. He is assisting with the creation of live liquidity dashboards, including building hosting and data storage protocols.